I have spent some quality time with the game Battlefield: Bad Company  2. It was hard to take a break from Black Ops, but it was worth it.  It was a little jarring at first, but I got used to the style of fighting. Unlike other shooters, such as the Call of Duty games, Bad Company 2 relies on a more tactical way of fighting due to the fact that you have squads that you must work with to complete objectives. Also, the fact that everything is destructible and the ability to use vehicles, forces you to chang your tactics, when the building you are hiding behind gets blown up by a tank. I really enjoy the size of each map. To put it simply, the maps are insanely huge. It is finally a game where you actually feel like you are a real sniper, when you make a headshot from a mile away. The graphics also add a sense of realism to it all. My only problem is that vehicles are hard to use. I also find that the people who play the game are much more polite than in other games.  The game contains some very bad language, so this game is not for children. I give the game 5 stars ou of 5.