I have officially seen both the old and new versions of True GritI really enjoyed both of the films.  I was really surprised by how much I liked the older version.  Even though I am a huge fan of all things Western, I am not a big fan of John Wayne.  I find that his movies are usually slow, with little action.  Also, I think John Wayne shows very little grit compared to other Western stars, such as Clint Eastwood.  I thought that John Wayne did a great job in the movie and really showed how tough he could be.  My one problem with the old True Grit, was the actor that played La Boeuf. I thought that Glen Campbell ruined the part.  On the other hand, Matt Damon in the new True Grit did a great job of bringing the character of La Boeuf to life.  I also felt that John Wayne and Jeff Bridges showed that they both had true grit.  On the question of which one was grittier, I think they were both stellar films, but the new one was just a little bit better than the old one because it had some better acting on Matt Damon’s part.